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Measure, Analyse, Improve and Predict

Advanced sensing and artificial intelligence products for industry


Measure,Analyse,Improve and Predict

Blewi app and devices

Generation and data analysus for process optimization and industrial security

Blautic offers to the industry a wide and tested catalogue of products that generate and analyse data to optimize industrial processes based on IoT systems and artificial intelligence. .

Common features

Data export

High data availability through local and remote storage using standard formats as csv,xls,pdf… and ready to be properly used for decision taking.

Wireless systems

Our easy-to-install products are always wireless, small in size and low power devices

Advanced sensors

We have a wide experience integrating all sort of sensors for the industry: accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, ultrasounds, vibration, weight, altitude, proximity beacons,…

Plug & Play devices

Our products are configured through our APPs for mobile devices in a few steps. Ready to generate data.

Advanced options


Our sensors data can be uploaded in real time to our customer ‘s own systems by using standard protocols as MQTT and REST.


Blautic designs both hardware and firmware so we have full control of product sustomization for our customers.

Algorithms and neural networks

The data of our sensors is processed through mathematical procedures before being analysed: digital filters FIR/IIR, FFT processing o neural networks models (CNN/LSTM).

Remote control

Our alliance with Grupo Chillida will allow the best remote control of your systems and procedures in a 24/365 scheme.

Artificial intelligence

Our full control of the generated data allow us to assure that the data format and quality are adequate for later processing with AI models.

More than 2000 Blautic devices are already installed

More than 2000 Blautic devices currently offer their data to companies in various fields. Blautic systems monitor the temperature of hundreds of refrigerating machines, measure the leaks of toxic gases, control the vibrations of motors and machines, operate actuators wirelessly, measure the status of consumables stock, control the times of maintenance tasks, automate process measurement…

What can Blautic devices do for you ?


  • Remote inventory of mobile objects
  • Temperature control in machines
  • Closed environment gas control
  • Consumable control
  • Objects and tools location

Working activities

  • Job postures and movement control
  • Environmental control
  • Fall, impacts and vibration control

Wireless sensors network and artificial intelligence

The Blewi wireless sensor network allows the rapid and autonomous implementation of sensorization of various physical quantities in multiple remote locations. Our devices transmit data without the need to install cables and monitor in real time the behavior of industrial equipment and processes.

Wide experience developing custom products

Our current products  are the result of a long experience in the execution of tailor-made projects for private companies, universities and technology centers.


IOT System for sensing and indoor location.


Multiple sites wireless temperature monitoring

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