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Pikku Academy.
Learning by Doing

Design and develop projects with the help of Pikku Academy, a device for creating real applications in a few days.

Pikku Academy, technology to learn
Pikku Academy, technology to learn

Pikku Academy.
Learning by Doing

Design and develop projects with the help of Pikku Academy, a device for creating real applications in a few days.

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Students who prefer project-based learning

More motivation in the classroom

Greater chance that a student will be hired more easily in the future

Better logical thinking

Configurable pushbutton

Pikku Academy Features

The pikku is a small electronic device capable of recording and sending live information using wireless technologies. The Pikku incorporates 6-axis motion sensors, a small vibrating motor, two configurable pushbuttons and two led indicators


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    Pikku academy brings up to speeds the development of real technological projects through which to learn theoretical knowledge

    Remote actions with buttons

    • Emergency button for elderly people
    • Questions quiz
    • Trigger phone actions like taking a picture
    • Home devices remote control

    Object/people identification

    • Attendance control
    • Instruments site location
    • In/Out control
    • High value objects distance control

    Motion control

    • Sitting or standing times
    • Fall and dead man control
    • Gestures to trigger phone actions
    • Gestures to control robot actions
    • Neck and back postures control
    • Impact control of high value objects

    Avisos de vibración y visuales

    • Aviso de llamada entrante
    • Aviso de presencia de objeto o persona
    • Avisos de final de temporizador
    • Aviso para cambio de actividad

    Inteligencia Artificial

    • Entrenamiento de movimientos a través de modelos de IA

    Technology skills

    • User interface design
    • Wireless data access
    • Mathematical data analysis
    • Data graphical display
    • Database storage procedures
    • Server data communication
    • Phone action triggering
    • …and physics and math concepts

    Theoretical knowledge

    • Three-dimensional Space
    • Gravity and measurement units
    • Acceleration and deceleration
    • Angular velocity. Measurements
    • Trigonometry for angles and inclination
    • Wireless signals: transmission power and reception strength
    Power Lipo battery rechargeable by microUSB
    Autonomy 6 hours of full data transmission without vibration motor
    Indicators Status blue led
    Recharging red led
    Communications Wireless
    Distance: 20-30 meters depending on the environment
    Movement sensor Accelerometer 3 axis
    Gyroscope 3 axis
    Interaction 2 buttons
    Vibration motor (only with this option)
    Enclosure Green
    Javier Soriano
    Blautic Education
    Teacher specialized in electronic systems and computer science

    After years of teaching experience, I believe that the magic formula for engaging students to learn is to challenge them with real applications. In this way, they forget about the boring theory that comes from the blackboard and are motivated to self-learn and grow all their knowledge.

    David Sornosa
    IES Cabañal

    The Pikku Academy system has many interesting resources to design learning-by-doing projects in the classroom. A completely innovative way of teaching in the classroom!

    Recurso 37
    Daniel Montalvo
    Freelance R+D

    It has been very easy and fast to make prototypes of R&D applications taking advantage of all the resources offered by Pikku Academy

    Alejandro Casino
    Biomedical Engineering student

    We developed the final Computer Science project with the Pikku Academy devices to detect incorrect postures in the neck. We learned how to communicate with wireless devices, access databases, and analyze data mathematically in Android Studio. We enjoyed it very much.

    Jesús Tomás Gironés
    Full Professor, Department of Communications

    I have used Pikku Academy with my UPV students and it has been a very motivating experience for them. Being such a versatile product, each group has applied it to their IoT project, giving it a different use. The API is very well documented and very easy to use.

    UGR logo
    Francisco Domingo Fernández
    Granada University
    Professor of Developmental and Educational Psychology

    The idea of Pikku Academy seems excellent to me to include it in the classroom, especially to work on skills related to technological skills and theoretical knowledge that are stimulated or enhanced with the use of the device.

    Real use cases


    Daily activity control, number of steps, distance, activity index and emergency button.


    Classic Snake game.

    Packs Pikku Academy

    Pikku Academy Individual Pack

    Pack single

    It includes 1 Pikku device, 1 clip, 1 wristband and access to all documentation + code of example APPs


    Pack Classroom

    Perfect for education centers

    It includes 6 devices, 6 clips, 6 wristbands, access to all documentation and examples and a 1-hour online course

    Pikku academy training

    Academy training

    It includes a full course (4 hours) for teachers to learn how Pikku Academy works and how to use the material.

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