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SMARTEES European Project

Feel More Knitwear (FMK)

Smart T-shirt for 3-lead ECG and body posture monitoring


Blautic’s project has been one of the projects selected -along with 43 others- to participate in the European SmartEES Project. This work will allow us to demonstrate the different applications that flexible and wearable electronic technology has on new products, processes, business models and business opportunities.

To this end, we are designing, together with Pepper Valley, Feel More Knitwear (FMK), a T-shirt that allows ECG monitoring with natural wool garments.

ECG + Body Posture

With the help of Pepper Vally – a Greek textile company with a high specialization in knitwear design and manufacturing – we are able to incorporate flexible optical technology into fabrics in order to obtain blood pressure information by applying algorithms to ECG and PPG signals.

Technical Aspects

  • ECG monitoring with natural wool garments
  • Posture and physical activity monitoring
  • Arrhythmia and respiration rate monitoring
  • Design and comfort

Project collaborators:

Blautic has been supported with the help of Pepper Valley for the success of this project. Over the years, Pepper Vally has been integrating new materials and technologies into its production processes to incorporate its products into the world of smart textiles. With this project we have sought to join forces between technology and textiles to improve the healthcare sector through flexible and wearable electronics.