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Biometric indicators

Partner of  Aitex in a project to implement an electronic device integrated in a shirt in order to collect ECG signals, breathing rate and body temperature.



Design with an amplifier sensor to read μV signals from the shirt electrodes. Full control from Smartphone.


Optimised logic to manage biometrical data, conditioning filters and transmitting algorithms. In charge of hardware configuration.


Biometric signal sensor, body temperature sensor and integrated accelerometer for motion control of the monitored person.


Android APP to allow configuration and data gathering frm all the sensors, graphical display and transmission to data server.


Enclosure box in ABS (UL 94 HB) with IP 41 adapted to the shirt receptacle.

Do you have an idea about biotechnology ?

Project details

Technical Specs

Hardware Reference platform: Blautic Health See
Power LiPo rechargeable battery
Mini USB charge connector
Slide ON/OFF switch
Led indicators
Communications Wireless
PCB omnidirectional antenna
Memory Storage capacity over 100000  samples
Inputs/Outputs Electrodes connections
Temperature sensor connection
Size Dimensions: 43 x 34 (W x L)


Recommended screen size: 5,5”
Android 4.3 or higher
Bluetooth® 4.0 or higher


ECG  Texas Instruments
Breathing rate Texas Instruments
Accelerometer STM
Temperature NTC Advanced Sensors