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Innovation Ecosystem for healthy Active People in Europe

Blautic participates in the I3-INSHAPE project as a member of the consortium and selected flagship company from the Valencia region to promote its innovations in the world of sports and active living base on sensors and camera data along with artificial intelligence algorithms.

The Project Main Objetive

I3-INSHAPE aims to strengthen the European digital economy by developing the ClusSport Partnership (recognized by the EU in the smart specialisation area (S3) of sports and vitality) into a European competence centre for SME initiatives in the field of sports and vitality/technology: the I3-INSHAPE Innovation and Investment Hub, where we will accelerate interregional innovation investments related to sports and vitality/technology and bring them to the market.

Project Summary

The project supports mature SME-led innovations in the commercialisation and scale-up phases to capture opportunities in this fast-growing global market. As such with I3-INSHAPE we contribute to solving the problem of increasingly inactive lifestyles across the general population, recognised as a major cause of increased levels of chronic and endemic diseases across the population (diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer and cancer).

The project will build the portfolio of interregional investment (I3) cases (TRL6-9) up from 7 pre-selected FLAGSHIP SME I3 cases (included in the partnership) and another 30+ SME I3 Cases selected during the project via a series of bottom-up OPEN CALLS.

Finally, the project will transform the I3-INSHAPE Innovation & Investment Hub into a self-sustaining, demand driven ecosystem carrying on beyond the lifetime of this proposal.

Project Objetives

To invest in 6 flagship SMEs incorporated in the partnership for next steps in order to address their
needs and assist them in reaching market readiness

To identify and build further up to 35 interregional investment cases through the project implementation to contribute to flagship investments (WP2) or as new initiatives (WP3)

To strengthen data and digitalisation infrastructure in order to 1) facilitate interregional innovation processes, 2) provide support to SMEs in the interregional innovation ecosystem (WP4)

To further develop and strengthen the interregional innovation ecosystem in sports and technology from this partnership. (WP5). This will pave the way to a sustainable (e.g., self-sustaining) interregional European Digital innovation hub in the field of sports and vitality and a positive impact on health and well-being in society



  • Cluster Sports and Technology – CST (NL)
  • IMEC (NL)
  • InnoBeweegLab (NL)
  • European Platform for Sport Innovation – EPSI (BE)
  • LAB University of Applied Sciences (FI)
  • LADEC (FI)
  • University of Jyväskylä (FI)
  • Kainuu University – KAMK (FI)
  • Lapland University of Applied Sciences – LUAS (FI)
  • MSE Cluster Ltd (HU)
  • Universidad Europea de Valencia – UEV (ES)
  • 4ivlcesport (ES)


  • ViNotions (NL)
  • CSE Entertainment (FI)
  • Comeback Center (FI)
  • Blautic Designs, SL (ES)

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