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FMK: Feel More Knitwear

Partnership: Pepper Vally (Greece) and Blautic (Spain)

ELIIT. European light industries innovation and technology

European project obtained together with our Greek partners Pepper Vally for the evolution of FMK technology based on smart textiles with sensors integrated in knitted garments for the monitoring of the ECG signal, breathing rhythm and biomechanical control of the person.

FMK Technology

FMK technology is based on three main pillars: health care, aesthetic design of the garment and selection of materials for a great feeling of comfort.

For this, it is manufactured with natural fibers woven together with conductive fibers that allow the integration of the sensors without being barely perceptible by the wearer.

Wireless sensorization electronics:

Blautic has designed and developed the electronic sensing device that collects the signals from the textile sensors, processes the information and sends it electronically to the connected mobile application. This device allows the sensing of multiple ECG derivatives, breathing rate and the person’s movement and postural control.

Mobile application and data analysis through intelligent algorithms:

Blautic has developed mobile applications that allow to analyze sensor data, represent their waveforms and apply intelligent algorithms to extract important information for the end user. Prevention and health care in a stylish and highly comfortable garment.