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Integración y diseño de hardwareDesrrollo y personalización del firmwareSensorización AvanzadaSoftware comunicación con dispositivos móvilesPersonalización de las envolventes del producto

Design and Product development for motion control of up to 4 simultaneous 9 axis movement sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.


Design of electronic device with microcontroller system controlling wired motion sensors. USB battery rechargeable. Flash memory embedded in main board. Multiple inputs and outputs.


Precise control: hardware configuration, use of battery, control of external sensors, data gathering and recording  and download process.


6-9 axis motion sensors. Data reading of acceleration, angular speed and magnetometry. Use of different scales and filtering options.


Android APP to configure, control and data download. PC based software (Windows, Linux,…) to use the usb port for data downloading.


Material: ABS. The main box contains connectors for sensors, usb access and led indicators. Custom enclosures for external sensors.

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Technical Specs

Hardware Blautic Platform C1 See
Power Lipo rechargeable battery
Mini USB recharging connector
Slide ON-OFF switch
Communications: Wireless communications
Omnidirectional PCB antenna
Memory: Storage capacity for more than 300000 samples
Inputs/Outputs: 4 high durability connectors
SPI for external motion sensors
Customizable for other sensors
Size: Dimensions: 62 x 105 x 20 mm (W x L x H)


Recommended screen size: 5,5”
Android 4.3 or superior
Bluetooth® 4.0 or superior


Company: TDK MPU6000 y MPU9250.
Data capture frequency: 1 sensor: 666 Hz
2 sensors: 415 Hz
3 sensors: 300 Hz
4 sensors: 230 Hz


Sensibility 3 axis MEMS accelerometer:
±2g, ±4g, ±8g and ±16g


Sensibility 3 axis MEMS gyroscope
  ±250, ±500, ±1000 and ±2000  (º/sec)