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Wireless sensor network and Artificial Intelligence

Wireless sensor network and Artificial Intelligence

Devices and Apps Blewi

Blewi wireless networks

The Blewi wireless sensor network enables a quick and autonomous implementation of sensorization of multiple physical magnitudes in simultaneous multiple remote locations. Our devices transmit data without the need to install cables and monitor the behavior of industrial equipment and processes in real time. Its main advantages are:

  • Quick and easy to install, usually without the need for assistance
  • Small wireless sensors, no need for cables
  • Wide range of probes for a large number of physical magnitudes
  • Configuration with APP for android mobile devices
  • Obtain live data immediately
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms for data interpretation
  • Integration with clients propietary computer systems

Blewi System

Blewi sensor 28 x 18 x 10 mm


Gateway WIFI, NB-IoT, 4G

Gateway Blewi

Data Enterprise servers

Blewi server

Android APP settings
web data display

Blewi sensors
Blewi sensors

Full control 24/7

If the client is interested in having their systems full monitored, we have an alliance with the Chillida Group who offer their long experience to monitor the data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Artificial Intelligence

Much more than simple data: we set the frequency of data generation, implement the triggers to transmit them, prepare the data formats and normalization and we design the models that extract the potential of combining all the information in algorithms. Ready to anticipate events


  • Remote inventory of mobile objects
  • Temperature control in machines
  • Closed environment gas control
  • Consumable control
  • Objects and tools location

Working activities

  • Job postures and movement control
  • Environmental control
  • Fall, impacts and vibration control
Power MicroUSB or Bus: 3-15VDC
Rechargeable battery by usb or wireless (Qi)
Control Mobile/Tablet APP for sensors settings
Gateway settings through web browser and hotspot
Sensors Settings:
• Scale ranges
• Resolution
• Transmission frequency
• Alarm thresholds
• Battery and RSSI indicators
Communications Wireless communications
(optional) wireless repeaters
Escalability Up to 200 devices per gateway
Gateways Embedded Linux
Multiple gateways per installation
Standard or propietary server protocols: MQTT, Restful, XML, Binaries
Instalation Quick and easy through APP showing signal strength for each single sensor


APP Blewi

Ask Blautic to download the Blewi APP

Pikku academy, device, bracelet and clip

Pack individual

Pack para uso individual, incluye un dispositivo pikku, un clip y una pulsera de silicona y acceso a la documentación y las APP de ejemplo

Pikku academy pack classroom 6 pikku, 6 wristbands and 6 clips

Pack aula

Especial para centros de formación, incluye seis dispositivos pikku, seis clips y seis pulseras de silicona, acceso a la documentación y las APP de ejemplo y asistencia técnica

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